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What style should the switch panel choose?

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Switch panel every household needs, especially the newly renovated house, need to buy switch panel. With the development and progress of science and technology, switch panel is also doing more and more intelligent, more and more beautiful, functional style is also more and more. When buying switch panel, we must not plan to save trouble, buy common 5-hole socket or business collocation good package. The traditional five hole socket basically has a common problem, is a five hole socket can only use an electrical appliance, three holes and two holes can not be used at the same time, but everywhere to pull the plug board. Today, Miss Honey will share with you the 6 skills of selecting switch panel.

First, five hole socket choice dislocation inclined 5 hole, now decoration to buy socket, do not buy ordinary five hole socket, really can not be fully used, dislocation inclined 5 hole socket, especially practical, 3 hole position and 2 hole position are not delayed use, no longer need to worry about the circuit socket is not enough to pull the plug board.

Second, the bedside socket with USB interface, bedside socket with USB interface is very convenient, our mobile phone charging, charging treasure can be used, and the charging speed is fast, more practical than the ordinary 5-hole socket, especially the demand for more charging equipment at home.

Third, desk and kitchen table choose porous row, whether the children's desk, or adult desk, electricity is more, desk lamp needs to plug, learning machine needs to plug, although there are a lot of charging, but the charging desk lamp really does not directly plug bright. The desk of adult, computer, mobile phone, charge treasure to wait a moment, need to charge, many 5 hole socket is installed together also not good-looking, still be inferior to direct installation go up big couplet row is practical, the kitchen also is same, all sorts of small home appliances are much especially now, install big couplet row socket is more practical. Here to remind you, large row socket must be in our renovation of the circuit when the purchase of panels and matching bottom box.

Fourth, washing machine and kitchen water heater position choice dislocation 6 hole more practical than 5 hole socket, in toilet now many families will install a hanging small washing machine, have a plenty of for a baby, have a plenty of to wash underwear, wall reserve more points, not only in the circuit of the high cost of time to spend, and too much of the source position on the wall, is messy. Therefore, we choose the misplaced 6-socket panel on the power panel of the washing machine, which can meet the needs of both wall-mounted washing machine and ordinary washing machine. The water heater that puts kitchen is gas water heater commonly, the power line of gas water heater is lower, we choose malposition 6 hole socket, when kitchen electric appliance uses much sometimes, can use the 6 hole socket here of gas water heater temporarily, because the electric appliance of our kitchen or 3 hole is a few more.

Fifth, the bathroom cabinet position to choose 7 holes more convenient, generally we will reserve a power point next to the bathroom cabinet, mainly convenient for us to use an electric hair dryer, but in real life, we seem to have a socket is not quite enough. Because we not only have electric hair dryers, but also men's razors, and even some women's hair clippers. So when we buy the socket panel, we can choose the 7-hole panel. The 7-hole panel has one 3-hole and two 2-holes, which is particularly convenient to use. We can even buy the one with USB interface, which will be more convenient.

Sixth, switch panel must choose big keys, switch panel choose big keys, style is more beautiful, but also more convenient to use. Here also remind you that when reserving lines, try not to leave the 4-open switch. There are more wires reserved in the 4-open switch wire box. For a long time, circuit aging is easy to cause circuit short circuit. Try to reserve 2 or 3.

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