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Building electrical switch socket strong and weak electrical box point layout

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With the increasing improvement of people's life, the requirements for housing this special commodity, also gradually improved, when buying a house, not only limited to the corner, whether school district housing, other attributes of the delivery of finished housing (such as house type, whether hardcover, hardcover quality) requirements are becoming higher and higher. Relevant departments timely policies, yantai area a class of high-level delivery must be hardcover. After standard out, the design first, hardcover design for special design commonly, but because of the hardcover company equipment professional to the specification does not understand, developers often requires the hardcover companies according to the size of furniture, lamps and lanterns, modelling switch, socket, such as point, to locate them, give to architectural design institute, designed by the architectural design institute for electrical matching hardcover family. The point of the hardcover design company, whether can meet the requirements of use, whether can coordinate with other professional (such as structural shear wall), whether can meet the requirements of the code, which needs to be carefully verified according to the point of the building institute, for the place that does not meet the requirements to timely feedback. Based on the hardcover cooperation projects of yantai Vanke, Longfor, Country Garden and other large real estate, a summary is made of the contents that need to be paid attention to in the hardcover feedback in the following aspects.

1, indoor distribution box, indoor weak current box

1.1 Dimensions of indoor distribution box

The low-voltage products selected by Vanke and Longhu in the residential project in Yantai are positioned as domestic medium and high-grade products, and both of them choose Liangxin as the collective purchase products. The dimensions of the distribution box of Liangxin are shown in Table 2. The equipment in the distribution box takes 24 bits as an example, and the dimensions in the wall are 305 (width) x420 (height) x100 (depth). With the box shell and other factors, the reserved holes are 400 (width) x500 (height) x120 (depth). Country Garden has its own specific requirements for distribution boxes, as shown in Table 1. The 20-bit distribution box is directly followed by the 32-bit distribution box, so the 24-bit distribution box needs to be 450 (high) x450 (wide) x120 (deep) holes. The size of these holes is based on the configuration of the distribution box, which needs to be presented to the hardcover design.

1.2 Location of indoor distribution box

Fine decoration design usually can set out from beautiful Angle, avoid the position such as sitting room, bedroom, living room as far as possible. Electrical Code for Residential Buildings also requires that household distribution boxes should be concealed in corridors, foyers or living rooms for easy maintenance. Therefore, the indoor distribution box is usually placed in other public areas of the bedroom, study and living room. These public areas are usually corners and corners, which requires us to implement the feasibility of these locations.

1.2.1 Position of the hardpacked distribution box

The shear wall and the rear masonry wall occupy half and half respectively (as shown in Figure 3), or the distribution box is placed directly on the shear wall. In this case, it should be adjusted to non-shear wall as far as possible (as shown in Figure 4). And for no other better distribution box house type, it is necessary to communicate with the structure professional to see whether the shear wall of the structure is allowed to open holes. The final results are fed back to the hardcover design. Of course, in the case of structural professional calculation results do not allow holes, the two weights take its light, the position of the distribution box or the need for hardcover replacement position.


FIG. 3 Distribution box is half of the shear wall and half of the back wall


Figure 4. Adjust the distribution box to the rear wall

1.2.2 The hard-assembled distribution box is located on the wall of the elevator shaft (see Figure 5). Although the distribution box is placed in a very good position for this type of house, it will destroy the sound insulation layer outside the elevator shaft. This type requires feedback adjustment.

1.2.3 The distribution box is located on the wall of the plumbing well (see Figure 6). Such position, if there are other adjustable positions to adjust as far as possible, if not, you need to see whether the well wall can be thicker, and then do waterproof treatment.

1.2.4 The distribution box is located in a suitable position, which is also the back wall, but the thickness of the back wall is only 100, which requires the wall to be thickened for the hardcover design.


Figure 5 distribution box is located on the wall of elevator shaft


FIG. 6 Distribution box is located on the wall of the heating well

1.3 Indoor weak current box

1.3.1 Indoor weak current box, also called household wiring box, is used for wiring of weak current collection within the set. Its installation height is low, 0.3 meters away from the ground, generally set in a more concealed place.

1.3.2 The size of indoor weak current box is generally about 400x300x120 (width x height x depth).

1.3.3 Location of indoor weak current box. Longhu and Vanke do not have specific location requirements for weak current boxes, but they need to be placed in hidden places. Generally, if the door side has a closet and other hidden position can be placed, if not can be placed in the living room behind the sofa. Its reserved holes and anti - lift structure and indoor distribution box. The order of requirements of Country Garden company is: (1) behind the school door, (2) behind the side bedroom door, and (3) inside the door. But when the wall thickness behind the door such as the study and bedroom is only 100mm, it also needs to be raised and thickened. After communication with the local project company, when there is no shear wall in the living room sofa, it can be placed behind the sofa.

1.3.4 Power junction box should be reserved 0.15m-0.2m away from the indoor weak current box. The position of the junction box should be reflected in the hardcover point as far as possible.

2. Lighting lamps and switches

There are many kinds of fine decoration lamps and lanterns, and the hardcover design reflects their decorative effect through the lighting of different kinds of lamps and lanterns. And some lamps are relatively small, these small downlights and so on are generally included in the hardcover delivery standard. This requires us to settle down and clarify the control relationship that hardcover design wants to reflect.

2.1 the lamps and lanterns

2.1.1 Is the positioning of the lamps in the hardcover drawing? Because we need hardcover positioning in drawing, our positioning drawing should be consistent with the hardcover positioning drawing, so as to avoid the later construction personnel not knowing which one to take for the two positioning.

2.1.2 See whether the hardcover has a lighting space. For example, due to the bathroom pattern of the bedroom, there is usually a small corridor at the entrance. When the decoration standards are different, whether the lighting requirements are set here is also different. If there is no lamp set here in the hardcover drawing, we need to remind you.

2.1.3 Determine cable Connection positions of lamp straps. The sitting room often installs a few hidden lamp belt, these lamp belt can circle around the sitting room normally, so, the position that sets a junction box, very beneficial to construction and maintenance.

2.1.4 It is necessary to check whether the hardcover apartment has outdoor balcony. If so, it is necessary to determine whether outdoor wall lamp should be installed. The protection level of outdoor wall lamp should meet IP54.

2.1.5 Determine whether the corridor and other places need to set up small night lights.

2.2 Switch Settings

2.2.1 First, party A shall check whether there is a requirement for one-button light off and whether the one-button light off button misses an item. A key to turn off the light button is in the time to go out from home, in the doorway of all the lamps and lanterns are switched off. At present, vanke and Zhongnan clearly have this requirement.

2.2.2 Straighten out the control logic of lamps and lanterns in the living room, because there are many kinds of lamps and lanterns in the living room, including lamp belt, down lamp and pendant lamp, and the double control switch is generally used, which is set separately in the doorway and the living room inner wall. Only after the control logic is determined here can the root number of the thread be clear.

2.2.3 In bedrooms, double control switches are usually set at the door and bedside. It is recommended that the bedside switch be set on the side far from the door for easier control.

2.2.4 The switch of the toilet should be placed outside the toilet as far as possible. Check whether the switch of the toilet includes exhaust fan, the control pole number of bath ba switch meets the requirements.

2.2.5 Confirm the height of the switch. In several large real estate finishing points, the switch height is usually 0.75 meters from the head of the bedroom to the ground, and 1.3 meters from the ground in other areas. If there are different places with these, need to find hardcover design confirmation.

2.2.6 For the house with floor heating, check whether thermostat switch is set. For the house with central air conditioning, check the position of indoor air conditioning control panel.

The position relationship between these two control switches and the lamp switch should be shown in Figure 7.


FIG. 7 Schematic diagram of panel layout and installation dimensions

3. Power sockets

With the increase of household electrical appliances, the position and number of power socket setting requirements are also higher and higher, whether conveniently connected to the power supply in the appropriate position, has become a major standard of electrical fine design. Of course, power sockets can not be arbitrarily increased, cost control is one aspect, too many power sockets will destroy the overall beauty of hardcover walls. This requires us not only from the standard point of view to give hardcover company feedback, but also people-oriented, consider the rationality of use.

3.1 Security and other aspects

3.1.1 The electric water heater and other sockets in the toilet shall be located outside area I. It is forbidden to set socket inside the vertical face of 0.6 meters apart from shower head (height stops at 2.25 meters apart from the ground). Because when people take a bath, the resistance is very small, there is a great chance of serious electric shock and death events, here must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification.

3.1.2 The power sockets in washing machine, split air conditioner, electric water heater and kitchen should be controlled by switch, because such sockets are often used and the current is high, so the back-and-forth plugging will have a great influence on the service life of the sockets.

3.1.3 Unsealed balcony sockets and washing machine sockets should use IP54 protection grade products. These two sockets should consider the possibility that there will be rain or water splashing, so as to avoid short circuit.

3.1.4 The gas water heater is generally installed near the gas pipe, and the power socket is generally at the side of the gas pipe, and the distance from the gas pipe must meet the requirement of 0.15 meters.

3.2 Cooperation with equipment

3.2.1 The air conditioner socket must be set near the hole reserved for the condensate pipe. Avoid late air conditioning installation, air conditioning indoor and outdoor connecting pipes have a long open part in the room.

3.2.2 The position of solar auxiliary heating socket shall meet product requirements. At present, has universal electric heating type solar energy water heater, the product also emerge in endlessly, some solar heating water tank in the balcony, some in the bathroom, and on the roof, the placeholder of power socket must and determine equipment docking, located in the roof still need to heat the socket and pipeline installation path to consider in place between the water tank.

3.3 Use comfort

3.3.1 There is a minimum number of sockets per room as per Table 8.5.1 of the Electrical Design Code for Residential Buildings, less than the requirements of this standard and hardcover design feedback.

3.3.2 Check whether the positioning size and mounting height of each power socket are provided.

3.3.3 Whether the intelligent toilet seat socket has been reserved for the toilet seat. Intelligent toilet seat was originally a new thing in foreign countries. In recent years, with the development of economy and the increase of residents' income, the price of intelligent toilet seat has decreased significantly. It is very convenient to buy this product in China without going abroad. After many residents buy things back, there is no socket on the side of the toilet, the products bought can not be used, users frustrated at the same time, the refinement of the fine electrical design will have doubts.

4, weak current point

The highlight of residential science and technology is mainly embodied in intelligence, and the weak current point in the set is the most direct embodiment of intelligence.

4.1 Ordinary weak current

4.1.1 The living room TV can not only set up TV socket, but also need to set up network socket, because now network TV is very popular.

4.1.2 There are often no telephone sockets in the hardcover point map. Although mobile phones are very popular now, the number of telephone sockets in each house should not be less than 2 according to the specification.

4.2 Security and fire protection weak current

4.2.1 Electrical Design Code for Residential Buildings requires that each household should install at least one emergency alarm device for help, which is unknown to most hardcover designs and needs our attention when giving feedback. Some hardcover design companies know, but they put panic buttons in every bedroom and living room. At this time, it is necessary to confirm with Party A the number of emergency help button Settings, and then return to the hardcover design. The emergency help button is generally located on the switch side of the lamps and lanterns, 1.3 meters away from the ground in the living room, 0.75 meters away from the ground in the bedroom.

4.2.2 High-rise residential living room and bedroom need to do fire alarm detectors, the location should pay attention to avoid the lamp point, because the living room and other locations of the lamp, the owner will generally choose the ceiling lamp such as large lamps, detectors if set near the lamp position will be in the way, so the best distance from the center point of the lamp more than one meter.

The feedback of hardcover design points needs to be carefully considered in some details, which is not only a way to reduce late service, but also the embodiment of fine design. As a building electrical designer, it is necessary to think from multiple angles, so as to design safe, reliable, economical and practical, and satisfied with the residents of the boutique.

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