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Switch socket how wiring, installation switch socket should pay attention to what

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Switch, socket is the building is decorated indispensable material, attention should be paid to various when installing.

So, how to connect the switch socket? What should be paid attention to when installing switch sockets? Let's take a look.

How to connect the switch socket

1, before installing the switch socket, it is necessary to clean the bottom box to keep it clean, so as not to affect the circuit operation.

2. After the bottom box is cleaned, the power cord should be handled well, and a section of wire should be reserved in the box for future maintenance, so as to cut a wire core at the interface. Wrap the reserved wire clockwise around the switch column and tighten the pressure head to ensure that the wire core is not exposed.

3, start wiring, connect the live wire with L1 port, connect L2 port with L port, jump-off. The zero wire is connected with the N port. The hole must be firmly connected during wiring, which affects the use of the circuit.

4, after the wiring is completed, the bottom box of the switch socket needs to be fixed with screws, and the inside of the wire is pressed, and finally it is fixed on the face.

What should be paid attention to when installing switch sockets

1, the area

When installing switches, select switches according to different areas. If it is the switch in the toilet, please choose a switch with an indicator light to avoid large water mist in the toilet and the location of the switch can not be seen. The socket with switch should have waterproof cover to prevent moisture from entering the socket hole and causing short circuit.

2, habits

The location of the switch depends on people's living habits. Most people are right-handed. The switch can be mounted on the wall to the right of the door. A switch is installed above the nightstand in the bedroom to turn off the lights before bed, or a switch can be installed at the entrance.

3, the socket spacing is determined

Indoor when installing socket, a few socket can be installed more inside the space, and the position of installation does not want too close, cannot satisfy use demand otherwise. Socket installation spacing must be appropriate, according to the size of the space and user needs to be determined.

Article summary: the above is about how to switch socket wiring and installation of switch socket to pay attention to what all the content, I hope to help you.

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