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Maintenance of switches

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Do not switch on and off repeatedly

Usually in the use of the switch need to pay attention to a point, that is, do not repeatedly switch, turn off and open again, this is not good. First is a waste of power supply, second is easy to cause switch damage, switch inside some parts will wear, so the use is not so flexible, so when it is needed to switch, do not need to switch repeatedly.

The use of the socket tells the order

There is a socket is equipped with a switch, the correct way to use is to insert the plug first, and then open the switch above the socket, when unplugging the plug, the need to turn the switch off first, and then unplug the plug. This can reduce the damage to the copper.

Switch socket surface protection

The usual switch and socket also need to be protected, you can add some decoration around to protect. Like kitchen and bathroom additionally inside, because of contact with water more, so socket outside had better be to add a waterproof cover, so also can prevent water vapor.

Switches and sockets can be cleaned with alcohol

When switch and socket also have dirt, cleaning is exquisite, must not be cleaned with clean water, even if it is not possible to scrub with cloth with clean water. Wipe with a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of low-concentration alcohol.

Key points of socket replacement

Socket replacement is a point, before replacing the socket must first cut off the power supply, the next step is the removal of socket, with a professional tool to remove the screws and socket panel, and then further change, at the back of the wiring, installation and test electrical and other steps are need professional master electrician to operate, no experience are free to go to their actions. In addition, the replacement of the switch also needs sufficient professional experience.

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