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Switch socket decoration acceptance

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The water and electricity transformation acceptance in the decoration should be divided into two times, the first time is after the completion of the water and electricity transformation, check the line in the home, pipe, box, etc. The second acceptance, it is in the whole decoration after completion. The second acceptance of circuit transformation, many people do not know how to do, a simple look at the installation, many problems will inevitably occur after moving in.

So today we will say in detail, switch socket in the final acceptance link, how to check.

Check the panel

The first thing is to check all the switch sockets on the panel. There are three more:

1. Check whether the panel of the switch socket is intact. If there is a bump or drop, it should be replaced in time.

2. Whether the switch socket itself has a problem, such as whether the button of the switch is smooth, whether the plug and plug of the socket is smooth and so on.

3. Are switches or sockets installed on all cartridges? If not, remember why. For instance the bath bully switch cartridges, there is no installation of anything temporarily likely.

4. The kitchen and bathroom switch sockets need to use waterproof boxes, if not installed, also need to be replenished in time.

Panel checking is the easiest, and most people know how to do it. However, the acceptance work can not stop here, the following two links, just more critical.

Check the installation

Switch socket installed in the wall, to check the gap between the panel and the wall.

If the metope is latex paint, diatom mud, shell powder, you need to fill the gap between the panel and the metope putty. If it is white wall, generally wipe putty on the line. If it is a color wall, you also need to brush a layer of color paint or other wall decorations on the putty.

If the wall is wallpaper, wall cloth, ceramic tile, wood, etc., generally will leave the gap, do not need to fill. Note that the size of each gap must be the same and cannot exceed 1mm.

Also, gently shake each switch socket. If the bottom box is loose and the installation is not firm, the whole switch socket will follow in the process of shaking. At this time, it is necessary to remove the switch socket, repair or reinstall.

Check the wiring

Finally, check the wiring. This is going to be separate:

When checking the switch, it is mainly to see whether the switch can control the corresponding lamps and lanterns. If it cannot be controlled, or the lamps and lanterns controlled are not the target lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to reconnect. In particular, double control switch and multi-control switch, to test the control mode of multiple switches.

For example, there are two switches, AB. First test whether A switch can switch; Then test whether switch B can be switched. Then test A turn on the light, B turn off the light; Finally test switch B, A turn off the light. If it is a multi-control switch, test it in sequence like this.

In addition, test the switch in the zero live wire wiring sequence is correct. The easiest way is to bring a low-quality LED bulb and attach it to the fixture. Check if the bulb flickers or shimmers after the light is turned off. If so, prove that the zero-live wire is connected backwards.

When checking the socket, check the sequence and ground wire of zero live wire. Suggest to go to hardware store to spend more than ten dollars to buy a phase meter, put it in turn in each socket, observe the sequence of phase meter light.

If there is no electricity, or the zero live wire is connected incorrectly, or there is no ground wire (ground fault), the phase meter can be visually displayed.

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